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Numerous books, films, organizations, and movements have influenced the way we think and act here at No Exceptions. We want to share those with you. Click the links below to see our recommendations. This list will change as we encounter new resources we find helpful.


2 thoughts on “Our Recommendations

  1. I am so glad I found y’all. I have a question concerning the fact that I believe my sons Civil Rights were violated. My son is In a state prison in TN.
    Northwest correctional complex. He’s non violent and non gang affiliated, which the latter has put him thru pure hell. It’s a long story so I will sum it up by saying that I am appalled that he has gotten and done more time for stealing lawn mowers than the bastard that murdered my sister got, and I can’t understand that other than the fact that the D.A. on his case really and truly despises my son. It is a small town where he got In trouble and all the judges lawyers and cops are “The Good Ole Boys. Country cousins.
    Anyway, I wanted to first of all thank you for your work. I also wanted to say recently my son’s civil rights were violated, I believe, due to the fact that they put him on lockdown pending investigation which turned out to be another false accusation. The 1st cell, I believe was the first cell while pending investigation that they put him in had NO ELECTRICITY AND NO RUNNING WATER AND ALSO HAD LARGE WOLFE SPIDERS!! The C.O.s even call the cell “THE BOOGIEMAN CELL” I mention the spiders because due to being bitten twice In his life by brown recluses and it was very horrible and painful, so now has a phobia of any type of spider. So that was hell for him too. If the wardens boss Ms Debra Johnson hadn’t just happened by and saw my son in that cell, I’m sure they would have kept him there the whole time during the pending investigation which turned out to be just another false accusation. She got In the Captain’s butt that was there and told him to get my son outta there Immediatly!! I contacted the ACLU but just not heard back from them yet. Im praying they do get back to me and can do something about it. But I’m asking every advocacy group I can find what can be done? Plus I’d love to join em and help anyway I can. Also, gangs run that prison!! That is a fact. My son has told me so many horrible stories bout what goes on there. I worry myself sick every day about him. There are so many other things that have happened to my son in there but it seems something could be done bout the BOOGIEMAN CELL. ITS INHUMANE, in my book and I would think unconstitutional!!
    I’m sorry to rattle on like I did but God knows they shouldn’t be allowed to get by with the things the c.o.s and wardens do in there on a daily basis and do get by with. I couldn’t tell u how many times the c.o.s have threatened to beat him and or kick his teeth out!! Once, they did an outside search and after searching our vehicle and falsely accusing me of bringing in drugs, once again is proven to be false, but while having us in an outside building and badgering me, and I mean the warden and 2 huge c.o.s had me crying and I don’t cry much, but the c.o.s, while outside searching our van actually went through our cell phones!! I thought was illegal under 4th amendment. Didn’t ask for permission nor had a warrant. I’m telling everyone and anyone that will listen. I’m sorry to go on and on and if I weren’t trying to live on disability I would definitely donate.
    Thank y’all for ur time and for what y’all do. If u think there’s anyone else who might be able to help us or advocacy groups I can join I would greatly appreciate the info.
    God Bless yall
    P.S. There was a 24 year old man that was supposed to be in PC beaten to death just last week at that prison.


  2. Prayers for you
    Yes the gangs run NWX
    My son was almost beaten to death by 3 gang members with a pipe and left in his cell for 5 hrs without medical attention
    Good luck trying to find someone to listen I truly feel your pain


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