Men incarcerated in TN, some with 51 year “life with possibility of parole” sentences are featured in this powerful, short video called “Mercy”.

If you want to understand private prisons, then you should understand ALEC. Watch this Bill Moyers special.

A special on dying in prison by Al Jazeera’s Jeremy Young. Powerful stories.

Director Jeannie Alexander speaks about No Exceptions on Urban Outlook.

One thought on “Videos

  1. Ms Alexander my name is Rusty Shane I’m contacting you about my friend Charles Johnson he is currently at North East Correctional Complex.
    Charles is currently in the appeals court in Knoxville TN with an habeas corpus. The state has pretty much addmitted to never indicting him but because he is no attorney they keep knocking him back down due to some clerical error. Someone came to Morgan county complex around 2006 trying to get charles to sign a statement against his grandmother because they are saying she some how stole the district attorneys files on his case. So there is no pre trial motion of discovery or discover pack. Im sure you have a lot on your plate already but we are running out of options for help. Were not rich we cant afford to pay 50 thousand dollars to a lawyer. The reason wr thought to reach out to you is that he got a letter from you and no exceptions about the life sentences. So i thank you in advance for any and all help you can offer. Thank you for your time and god bless you. Rusty shane..


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